Slice 1


  • Lee

    S-U-C-C-E-S-S-E to the S. If you see someone like me, wearing apparel such as this fur coat right here, they probably have a sports commentary show with their best friend and main man Morris that’s straight up on FLEEK. We call it REAL TALK because that’s what we do - Real Talk.

    I do not have parents. I DO have Morris. I found Morris on a beach when he ran away from home. He was lyin’ on the sand. I was looking for gold with a metal detector. And I found it. Both in his necklace and as a friend. Just so you know, I have never had a pet, but I LOVE animals and they inspire me. What you might not know is that I AM a Taurus, and I am not afraid of spiders. I CAN speak to Dolphins.

    I LIVE fantasy. I know football better than I know myself! Sometimes I feel sad and what-not, but I love guacamole. And cilantro does not taste like soap. If you think it does I am sorry for you because it is the only true natural delight in nature. Just sayin.

    This commentating game is crazy like back in the wild west except there's no horses, and now there's TVs. Me and Morris about to take over like Bonnie and Clyde 'cept we don't ever rob banks.

    But don’t twist it- we ARE stealing this show.

  • Morris

    Hello. First of all if you are looking to sponsor us check the contact page - doi. My name is Morris. I am from Atlanta, Georgia. Dogwood City, the 678 you dig? Me and Lee are doing commentary on the big 50. The L. I don’t mean to talk in code but there’s some horse-talkin’ nay-sayers out there who are tryin’ to block us out.

    THAT is not possible. Reason #1: I will always be an amalgamation of the hottest gear YOU have never heard about. Reason #2: Lee is the best ever brother from YOUR mother that a man could ever have, and that’s Real Talk. Reason #3: We’ve got that ANALYTIC ENCYCLOPEDIC ALMANATIC FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE!

    Now, a lot of you have been talking about me and my father. He is THE man. I might not have the best relationship with my father, and he may not show his love on a regular basis, but I learned everything about football from him. And he knows EVERYTHING. I was raised for this commentary life.

    Every Sunday - all day - except at Church I live football. I am SPIRITUAL. I have a pet pig. And when he dies he will live on as a football. You never know when you will go so LIVE EVERY WEEK LIKE FLEEK WEEK. PermaFresh™.

    SUN-DAY, SON. Tune in or don't. Whatever. But know that we’re not gonna be that boring boring dribble drabble, we’re gonna give you that Real Talk commentary. So don’t miss it, dad.